Defensive Driving Training And Its Connection To Auto Insurance

The more you know about auto insurance, the more you will access affordable coverage. For example, some people don't know what defensive driving classes are and how taking the classes can benefit their car insurance. 

What Is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving employs different techniques and tactics to keep everyone safe. Defensive driving training teaches you those tactics and techniques. Here are some of the things you will learn during the training:

  • Common causes of car accidents
  • The use and benefits of safety equipment, such as car seats, seat belts, and airbags
  • Tips for reducing injuries during accidents
  • Crash prevention tactics, such as safe following distances, right-of-way rules, acceleration, and braking
  • State-specific traffic rules

Many states offer online and in-person defensive driving training. Ensure you get your training from a certified provider to enjoy the benefits.

How Does It Benefit Your Insurance?

Defensive driving classes have multiple benefits. One of them is the possibility of reduced insurance rates. Below are some ways defensive driving classes can lead to lower insurance rates.

Earn Premium Discounts 

Many insurance companies ward discounts to motorists who complete defensive driving classes. The discount is an incentive and reward since insurance companies also benefit from reduced accidents and claims when motorists improve road safety.

Boost Chances of No-Claim Discounts

Defensive driving classes reduce your risk of accidents. Many insurance companies will reward you with a discount if you don't file a claim for a specified period.

Reduce Points

Some traffic offenses attract points that accumulate and lead to serious fines. For example, you may lose your traffic license if you accumulate a certain number of points. The points also increase your insurance rates. Defensive driving classes can take some points off your license and entitle you to affordable insurance.

Who Benefits?

Anyone can benefit from defensive driving training. After all, these driving lessons can help everyone improve their road safety. However, the insurance benefits depend on:

  • Your age – Many insurance companies give premium discounts to young/inexperienced drivers and older drivers. Such drivers face a high risk of accidents due to inexperience and physical frailties.
  • Insurance company – Carriers have laws and regulations determining who they can award rate discounts to after defensive driving training and the discount limit.
  • State laws – Some states have laws that determine who should receive insurance benefits for defensive driving training. The state laws override insurance companies' terms and conditions.

You should also consider defensive driving classes if you have a poor driving history. Contact your auto insurance agency for more info.

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