5 Situations That Require You To Get Auto Insurance Quote

Have you ever called your insurance company for an auto insurance quote? Have you asked for a quote online? There are various situations that may require you to change your coverage plan, and as such, you'll need a new quote to help you make an informed decision. Read on to learn five situations when getting an auto insurance quote is a good idea. 

1. You're Entering into a Marriage or Domestic Relationship

If both you and your partner have separate auto insurance plans, you might see the rates decline if you switch from multiple policies to a single policy. However, this isn't guaranteed if one of you has been involved in multiple accidents before or has a negative credit rating. The best option is to call your insurer for an auto insurance quote and compare the costs of separate plans versus a single plan. This will guide you on the best action to take. 

2. Your Child Has Started to Drive

If your teenagers start to drive, you might want them to use your car when running errands. This calls for adding them to your auto insurance policy before they can get on the road. Unfortunately, this could lead to a rise in your insurance rates, as teenagers are generally considered high-risk drivers. Therefore, get an auto insurance quote from your insurer to see the changes in rates. 

3. You're Changing Occupations

If you have a new job requiring you to travel over long distances using your car, this might affect your premium amounts. The same case applies if you'll be driving your car mostly at night or you've joined the rideshare service industry. To keep you informed about how your new job affects your insurance policy, ask your insurer for a quote. You might even find that you need a new coverage plan. 

4. You Have Bought a New Car

A new car means there will be a change to your auto insurance plans. You might need to add a gap coverage plan or a new car replacement coverage plan to protect your new model on top of your existing auto coverage. Depending on your insurer, you can either have the new car coverage condensed into a single plan or have them added to your current policy. An auto insurance quote will inform you how your insurer operates and the rates to pay. 

5. You Have Bought a New Home

Most insurers will offer discounts if they're handling your home policy and auto policy. If you have a new home, you'll save some money if you take a homeowners insurance plan with the same company dealing with your car's insurance. An auto insurance quote will tell you the discount you can receive.

For more information, contact an auto insurance service

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