Making The Most Out Of Personal Property Coverage After A House Fire

A house fire can be quite devastating with the disruption that it can cause. In some situations, your entire home is burned down to the ground, while in others, the acidic soot is enough to damage everything that it touches. Thankfully, this is where home insurance can help you get things back to normal again. Here are some tips for using home insurance for your personal property coverage so that you can make the most of it.

Know About Itemized And Estimated Coverage

Your insurance adjuster will let you take care of your personal property losses in one of two ways. The adjuster can estimate the amount of damage that was done to the items in your home and what will be the fastest and easiest way to take care of it. This will not be 100% accurate, but it will do a great job of getting back the things that you lost.

The other option is to make an itemized list of everything that was in your home. While this can take a lot of work to accomplish, it will ensure that nothing is forgotten. An itemized list is the best way to go about handling personal property coverage to maximize your claim.

Take Picture When Possible

Rather than start writing down what you see with a pen and paper in your home, you're better off taking pictures before damage happens. Get a digital camera with a huge memory card, and go into each room systematically and take photos of everything. You can then go through the photos later and start itemizing the items you see, and you have the proof that the item was lost with the photo. It's quick and easy and will ensure that you do not miss anything.

Visualize Your Belongings With Family Members

If you cannot enter your home because it is unsafe or has burned down completely, you need to visualize what was in each room to create an itemized list. It helps to do this together as a family, and talk about what you remember seeing in each room. You'll want to start by thinking about what was against a specific wall, then go around the room until you think you have everything covered. This includes thinking together about what was in drawers so that you don't forget anything, because it all has value.

Reach out to an insurance if you have questions about home insurance

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