When To Call Your Car Insurance Agent

An auto insurance agent is a valuable link between you and the car insurance carrier; agents are more useful than many people know. For example, your agent's services become handy if:

You Want To File a Claim

You don't need your auto insurance agent to file a claim, but the agent can do it for you if that is what you want. Besides, there are advantages to using the agent instead of going it alone. For example, the agent will free up your time so that you can focus on your usual activities. Also, the agent will confirm that all the relevant documents are available and straighten any issues that may develop.

You Want To Modify Coverage

You should also give your agent a call if you are thinking of modifying your coverage. Maybe you want to drop comprehensive coverage, increase or decrease your deductible or increase or decrease your liability limits. In any of these cases, you will benefit from the agent's knowledge of discounts, benefits, as well as the pros and cons of the modifications you wish to make.

You Want To Renew Your Policy

Car insurance, just like other lines of insurance, is a constantly evolving. Therefore, what might have been true at the beginning of the year may not be true at the end of the year as far as car insurance is concerned. For example, it may be that the insurance company changed its claim process, introduced new discounts or adopted a new way of charging premiums. That is why you shouldn't automatically renew your policy year after year; it pays to consult the agent for any changes that may affect your policy first.

You Want To Move

Relocating to a new home can affect your insurance coverage in several ways. This is because the risk of damaging your car, losing your car in a theft case or incurring a collision all change when you move house. This is why your rates may increase or decrease when you move. Contact your agent to help you understand the impact of the move on your insurance coverage and advise you on whether you need to switch carriers, switch carriers or modify your policy in any way.

You Have Concerns with Your Billing

Lastly, your insurance agent's knowledge and expense will also come in handy if you have concerns about your billing. Maybe you have been charged late fees but you paid your premiums on time or a discount hasn't reduced your rates as much as you thought it would. In any case, your agent should be able to explain the discrepancies to you or straighten them out.

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