How Does Homeowners Insurance Liability Coverage Help?

Most people buy home insurance to protect their properties (the house and its contents), but the liability coverage part is just as important. Here are some of the situations in which the liability coverage part of your home insurance can come to your rescue:

If You Accidentally Damage Another Person's Property

Your home insurance liability coverage will come to your rescue if you are accused of negligently or accidentally causing damage to another person's property. This is the case whether the damage is caused by you directly or by your property. For example, it is your home insurance coverage that will pay for the damage if one of your trees falls on your neighbor's house.

If You Accidentally Injure Another Person

Home insurance liability coverage also pays for damages associated with injuries you may cause other people, but there are exclusions. For example, the coverage may come to your rescue if your dog bites another person. However, it will not pay for the damages that may arise if you knock down a pedestrian with your car. Automobile-related injuries are excluded since they are covered by car insurance.

If Someone Gets Food Poisoning In Your House

You need to be careful when serving guests with food in your house because any of them who gets food poisoning has the right to sue you for damages. Luckily, most food poisoning cases are mild and don't even require hospitalization. However, in the unfortunate situation that someone develops food poisoning after eating in your house and sues you, your home insurance liability coverage will pay the damages.

If Your Intoxicated Guests Injure Other People

Intoxication impairs judgment, and impaired judgment increases the risk of an accident. This is why party hosts are expected to do everything in their power to ensure that they don't serve alcohol to guests who are already intoxicated. Doing that may lead to over-intoxication, which may lead to accidents down the road. In such a case, the accident victims may use the legal principle of social host liability to sue you for damages. Fortunately, home insurance liability coverage will cover the ensuing damages.

If You Are Accused Of Defamation

Lastly, your home insurance coverage will also come to your rescue if you are accused of defamation. Say you are a blogger and a local politician has accused you of writing defamatory words against them. In such a case, your home insurance coverage should pay for the damages that the politician may win against you.

As you can see, this coverage is pretty important. Therefore, evaluate your home insurance coverage to confirm that your liability coverage limit is adequate; if it isn't, then see how you can boost it. For more information, contact a company like Angel Auto Insurance.

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