3 Reasons Stay At Home Parents Need Life Insurance Policies

There are many people who carry life insurance, which is great! But there is an alarming number of people who do not have life insurance and who should be carrying it at all times. One demographic of people who aren't insured is stay at home parents. People think that a primary breadwinner is the one on who should be insured, and although it is important to for a bread-winner to be insured, they are not the only ones. Here are some reasons that say at home parents should also be insured.

1. Think Of All Of The Costs Of A Stay At Home Parent

If you have two parents in a home and one is out in the workforce and the other is a stay at home parent you might not be able to see the financial burden it can be on a family to lose the stay at home parent. If the family were to lose their stay at home parent the family would then have multiple expenses that weren't there before. One main one is childcare. You would now have to hire a nanny or daycare to be with the children while one parent is at work. In addition, there will be a lot of meals to prepare, which will probably be bought pre-made, which is more expensive. There will be house cleaning, running around children, and so forth. All of these things which were once done by the stay at home parent will now have to be paid for. This is one reason why stay at home parents need life insurance coverage.

2. Funeral Expenses

A funeral can be very expensive. If your loved one passes you will want to give them a beautiful funeral without having to worry about the money. Not many families have thousands of dollars set aside for a funeral, so the burden will be pushed on them to pay for all of these things either on credit, or have to do it in a way that they don't feel comfortable with. Instead, if you have a life insurance policy, it is paid on death so that the family can cover funeral expenses and give their loved one a proper memorial.

3. Time To Grieve

Losing a loved one will be emotionally devastating. The family will need time to grieve. This means time off work. But if you don't have a life insurance policy to help with living expense up front, this can be impossible.

This is why it is so important to think ahead and get life insurance policies on stay at home parents as well as the primary breadwinning parent. Talk with an insurance company like D A Insurance Brokers for more information.

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