Types Of Insurance Coverage To Be Aware Of When Shopping For A Policy For Your Commercial Trucks

Are you starting a new trucking company or using your trucks or other vehicles for commercial purposes for the first time in the near future? If so, you might be looking for truck insurance or commercial insurance to ensure that all your bases are covered. To that end, there are a number of different types of coverage you will want to make sure your vehicle has before it's put out on the road.

Primary Liability is Required and Covers Injury and Property Damage From an Incident on the Road

Primary liability coverage is typically required by the federal government and will cover incidents that take place while your truck is on the road as part of your business. Typical types of coverage that fall under primary liability include bodily injury to your driver or to someone else as well as property damage done to the truck or to something that the truck hits. This is the most basic level of coverage that every truck company will want to have on all of its vehicles before you begin operations.

General Liability Covers Incidents That Take Place Off-Road But Still Involve Your Truck or Vehicle in Some Way

You will have employees and contractors around your truck or other commercial vehicles even when it's not on the road. What happens if someone slips and falls while loading or unloading the truck? What if something heavy falls off the truck while it's parked and damages someone's property? A general liability policy included as part of your overall commercial insurance coverage can protect your company from incidents like this taking place off the road.

Bobtail Coverage is Important If Commercial Vehicles Will Be Driven for Personal Use on an Off Day or After a Shift is Over

Maybe your commercial trucks stay parked in a lot or garage and your drivers have other personal vehicles they use to go to and from work. But if your commercial trucks will be going home with the employees or will be used during the day by the business owner or another employee when he or she is just running a personal errand and not actively hauling something for the company, you need a separate form of coverage for this scenario. "Bobtail" coverage will allow your employees to use a commercial vehicle for personal use but still remain fully covered while technically off the clock.

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