Shopping For A Car And Trying To Avoid High Car Insurance Premiums? 3 Things To Consider

Whether used or new, the process of shopping for a car in today's economy is sure to be a bit stressful. With more car shoppers paying close attention to both the cost of the vehicle and the later costs they will incur while owning it, the cost of insuring the vehicle after the purchase is something that many must consider. If you are currently planning to purchase a vehicle and want to avoid incurring high auto insurance premiums, discussing the following points with your car insurance agent is something you should consider.  

Personal details 

Even drivers who have current insurance policies should consider having a discussion about their driving history and a few other personal details before finalizing the purchase of any new or used vehicle. Accident or damage claims, traffic tickets, and changes to your current credit score will all be considered before a new policy is written. If negative information is found, the premium rates may be higher than expected. By discussing your driving history and other personal details with your car insurance agent before making a purchase, vehicle shoppers can more fully understand the expected cost of insuring another vehicle and get tips on what they might do to help combat any negative information found in their files. 

Expected usage

Vehicle shoppers will also want to discuss their expected usage with their car insurance agent before buying a used or new car. When applying for new car insurance coverage, agents will ask applicants to estimate the annual mileage they expect the vehicle will be driven. As the number of miles driven increases, the risk of having an accident or incurring some type of serious damage to the vehicle also increases so the insurance company must charge higher insurance rates for those who are considered to be higher mileage drivers. 

The car insurance agent will also need to know how the vehicle will be used. For example, if the vehicle will be used for hauling cargo, delivering food or packages, or as part of a ridesharing service, the coverage and the cost of that coverage will differ from that of a vehicle that is driven only to work and back.

Models to avoid

Car theft is a rapidly growing problem across the nation and insurance companies are in a good position to know the makes and models of vehicles that are most often targeted by thieves. By taking time to discuss these points with a reputable car insurance agent before making a vehicle purchase, shoppers can get the information they need for a more budget-friendly shopping experience. 

Contact a local car insurance agent to learn more. 

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