Installing A Swimming Pool? Tips For Your Home Insurance

If you have decided to add a pool to your backyard, it's important to understand how that will affect your homeowner's insurance and what your insurance company is going to ask of you in terms of reducing liability and ensuring safety. Here's a look at some of the things that you should know as you start to plan your new swimming pool installation. 

Your Property Needs To Be Secure

If you're installing a pool in your backyard, property security needs to be at the top of your priority list. That means installing a fence that keeps unauthorized people out of your yard, especially children and pets. Make sure the gate is locked and you control access. This reduces the risk of drowning deaths in your pool, which is one of the most significant liability concerns for your insurance company. Talk with your insurance agent ahead of time to clarify fence height and construction requirements.

Your Pool Cover Should Be Rigid

Pool covers come in rigid and soft forms. Your insurance company will recommend that you opt for a rigid pool cover. That way, in the unlikely circumstance that someone should fall onto the pool, the rigid cover keeps them from actually falling in the water. Keep the pool covered at all times unless you're swimming so that you can protect everyone's safety.

You Should Ask Before Adding Diving Boards

Adding a diving board to your swimming pool could increase the liability risk. Your insurance company might also have specific requirements about its length, height, and other factors. Make sure that you talk with your insurance agent about how a diving board would affect your choices before you actually install one so that you don't risk problems with your insurance policy.

Your Agent Should Know Before You Install The Pool

Many people overlook the importance of letting their insurance agent know about a swimming pool. This can often lead to costly mistakes or the need to make changes after the fact. Instead, reach out to your home insurance agent before you have the pool installed so that you can get the specifics about the installation distance from your home, the height and design of the fence, and any other guidelines that your insurance company might have.

These are some of the most important things to think about when you're ready to install a swimming pool in your yard. Talk with your insurance agent today to see how that pool will affect your homeowner's insurance policy. 

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