Is It Possible To Removes The SR22 Filing Requirement Early?

If you're ordered to obtain an SR22 policy, you are usually required to maintain the insurance for a minimum of 3 years, and sometimes longer depending on the violation that triggered the ruling. An SR22 requirement can make getting insurance challenging and expensive, and many people wonder if it was possible to reduce the amount of time they're required to have it. The answer is yes, but it's very difficult. Here are two ways you can do it.

Ask for Backdating

In most cases, the clock for the three years starts when your insurance company files the paperwork with the DMV or Secretary of State notifying the agency you have an SR22. If you cancel your insurance or let it lapse, the clock will stop and restart again the day you revive your coverage. So, if you were hoping to stop driving for those three years and let the clock run out on the requirement, that won't happen.

However, it may be possible to get a judge to start the clock earlier than normal. In particular, you can ask that he or she include the time your case was making its way through the court room as part of the three years. For instance, if it takes three months for your case to be heard and resolved, the judge can take those three months off the minimum SR22 requirement, so you'll only actually have to have it for 2 years and 9 months.

Whether the judge will do this depends on circumstances of the case. He or she may be more willing to do this for people who need the SR22 because they have too many moving violations (e.g. speeding) than for those who do because of multiple DUIs. It's best to talk to an attorney to see if this is an option for you.

Move to Another State

Sometimes, the SR22 requirement doesn't cross state lines; meaning, you're only required to have the insurance while you're a resident of the state where the violations occurred. So, if you move to another state and transfer your license there, you can petition your previous state to waive the SR22 requirement.

Be aware, though, that if you move back to the state and try to get licensed there, the state will reinstate the SR22 requirement. For instance, if you move out of Illinois and then back within 3 years of receiving the waiver, you will be required to get SR22 insurance again.

At the end of the day, it may be easier just to put the time in and get the required insurance. For more information about SR22 time limits to for quotes on insurance, contact an insurance broker like those at Rowell Insurance Agency.

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